Hi! My name is Anton.

I have a passion for solving problems with technology. I’m an experienced front- and back-end developer, currently maintaining custom PHP and Python solutions for Rutgers OIT. When I’m not working I enjoy tinkering with electronics, building stuff, nature, and  bike rides.

Do you have a tough technical challenge? Need a website, custom software, or a hardware integration? I’d love to hear from you.




In 2013, I made a real-time map of Rutgers buses. I used a hastily-compiled PHP script to grab data from the NextBus API, and display it on a Leaflet map. The map has helped me get to work on time


Test Box v2

The second iteration of my device for equipment control at fencing tournaments.


(Original) Rutgers Bus Map

rutge.rs is a real-time animated map of the bus system at Rutgers. The map is drawn with Leaflet, the map data came from OpenStreetMap, and the bus locations are fetched from the Nextbus API.


Garden Automation

An Arduino and Raspberry Pi project to monitor soil moisture and water plants automatically.

FontStash Logo


Fontstash is a collection of open source fonts which can be hotlinked (CSS samples are provided) or downloaded. Uptime is enhanced by CloudFlare’s CDN.